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Rex Packaging

Rex Packaging

Specializing in high-speed, quick turn folding carton work, Cenveo's Rex Packaging plant is ideally suited to service a range of medium to larger sized customers. Rex's customer base is predominantly made up of clients in the food, tobacco, medical device and health industries. Many of Rex’s clients are regulated by the FDA and therefore, print quality and accuracy are a critical component of the Rex solution.

What we can do for you:

  • Custom designed folding cartons that meet customer specifications.
  • Paperboard substrates SBS, SUS, CRB, foil and metalized polyester with caliper ranges from
    .012 to .030.
  • Complete structural and graphic design with CTP prepress capabilities.
  • Kodak approval for on-substrate contract proofing and mock-up.
  • Printing capability up to 7 colors or 6 colors over 1 color (perfecting), Aqueous or UV coating.
  • In-house color match and ink production.
  • Precision die cutting with emboss/de-boss capabilities.
  • Vendor managed inventory to help control inventory levels and reduce obsolescence.

What sets us apart:

  • Expertise in high speed machine filled folding cartons.
  • In-line braille application.
  • In-line security tag application.
  • Precision case counts for pharmaceutical applications.
  • Flexible scheduling for quick turnarounds.
  • Computerized optical copy check for critical print.
  • Lean manufacturing and Six Sigma quality program.
  • Strategic geographic port location for Latin America and the Caribbean.
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  • Chain of Custody Certifications
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